Geelong Hot Springs – Australia’s Natural Beauty

thermal springs Tasmania

You may be wondering what a thermal spring is if you’ve never heard of them. It is a place where geothermal heat is being absorbed and converted to an energy that can be utilized for several different purposes. You may not have any idea about the places in Australia that are popularly visited for thermal springs.

About Thermal Springs

“Wander through the understorey and you’ll come across a small lake or swamp full of natural thermal springs. Most are located near the coast so be sure to check out your holiday itinerary before you leave.” – Travel Guide to Australia – Hobart & Launceston

“In the state of Victoria, there are a couple of thermal springs scattered around the regions. Visitors will often find thermal pools or natural hot springs along the coastline or other areas. Some of the geothermal pools are made up of water filled with mineral salts from underground rock.”

“If you’re looking for something more unusual you can try going on a guided tour, visit a spa or even spend some time in natural thermal pools. Guided tour sites usually include maps, instructions and even a short video that can show you the inside of a thermal spring as well as give you a brief introduction to the natural features of the area. The water inside these pools contains different minerals such as manganese, calcium, magnesium, and sodium.”

“In Tasmania, you’ll find many different types of natural pools, hot water spring or another type of thermal hot springs. Some are designed to provide relaxation and some are designed to help relieve pain. A spa or natural hot spring is typically a natural feature that was created by natural geothermal features.


Hot water springs are often made up of mineral-rich water containing minerals such as iron and manganese. Thermal pools are natural features that have been built by residents who like to relax by soaking and swimming in the pools. Most of these natural springs are located close to the coast but a few are located inland in rural areas.

thermal springs Tasmania

If you are lucky enough to find a waterfall in Australia, you’ll discover that there are dozens of different types of thermal springs including volcanic, riverine, underwater, volcanic and even thermal hot springs. When you visit this natural place, look for the different types of pools that are available. Depending on what your interests are, you may want to choose one or two of the different kinds.

Some hot water thermal springs are located on the ocean and are surrounded by water that is cool and has a clear, crystal clear appearance. If the area has warm water then this type of mineral-rich water will also have a translucent quality.


Many people enjoy spending time at one of the many natural waterfalls that are found in the Great Dividing Range of Australia. This location has many different kinds of waterfalls, which are created by rain falling onto the ground. Some of the waterfalls are located near the shore, while others are located deep in the mountains. Waterfalls are great for people who enjoy relaxing and spending time in nature.

You can also find thermal springs that are located underwater. These springs are made up of water that contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Other minerals may be present in the water as well. When you visit this natural place you can enjoy watching the different types of minerals that are dissolved in the water.

If you are looking for a natural way to relax and unwind then one of the best places to visit is a hot water thermal spring or spa. You may enjoy soaking in a hot spring if you have never visited one before or if you are having a spa treatment. These hot spring locations typically are located on the coast and are surrounded by water that is warm and contains minerals.

Various natural hot water spa locations in Australia are located in areas such as Geelong, Tarka and Hobart. If you wish to experience the beauty of a natural hot water spring then you may want to make your first stop at the Geelong Hot Springs.